Doxy The Don Skittle The Most Powerful Anal Toy and Wand


Doxy is an elegant and powerful wand vibrator. Doxy Don is a basically cylindrical toy with a bulb at the top. Made of platinum silicone, with an ABS plastic base and rechargeable. This powerful Doxy Don anal vibrator provides a reusable Velcro loop to keep the cord carefully wrapped. In the cable of the toy you can find a small controller with a few buttons of illumination of on and off.
One of the most surprising features of this vibrator is its discretion to be so quiet and its power by its multi-speed that can be regulated by the command that comes built into the cable.
Used for both men and women offering prostate and perineum stimulation for men with intense orgasmic results
We recommend the use of a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner to maintain hygiene and product quality.
Apart from the power capabilities, one of the main features of The Don is its universal appeal. Not like most sex toys that are marketed to either men or women, The Don moves beyond such gender-binary notions and offers pleasure to people, however you identify and regardless of relationship status. Its innovative design combines quality, power and versatility, The Don stimulates your body in whichever way works best for you.
Most popular uses of The Don are as an external massager, for example as an erogenous zone stimulator (vulva, nipples, penis shaft, perineum, and frenulum) and even a clitoral vibrator. With its smooth, rounded tip, The Don can also be used as an internal vibrator. Thanks to the easy to hold base, The Don can be used not just to provide vaginal stimulation but also anal pleasure. There is a smooth raised ridge which gives delightful clitoral, labial or perineal stimulation.
Made with smooth, comfortable medical grade silicone.
Super long 12 feet (4M) power cord.
Total height 7.5 inches, including 2 inch insertable portion. Maximum circumference of the handle is 7.5 inches; maximum circumference of the insertable portion is 3.75 inches.

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