Glyde Maxi Vegan Condoms


VEGAN MAXI CONDOMS: If you at some point in your life made the firm moral promise not to use, dress, eat, drink or buy anything that had anything to do with animal exploitation or the use of compounds Animals, we have bad news: although it is true that the most common materials in the manufacture of condoms are latex, polyurethane and natural rubber, there are two other components, commonly used in its manufacture, that you had not taken into account, Lambskin (in some cases) Casein, a milk extracted directly from milk Here is the solution: the Australian company Glyde, whose subtitle “The Vegan Condom Company” has made these condoms available to the public who, not being a vegetarian, does not know the pleasures of the meat. This will delight anyone who wants to have a good time with their partner without having to sacrifice lactose. Maxi are large condoms with a wider width. Glyde condoms are 100% vegan and are made of natural latex, without spermicide and fully compatible with water based lubricants. -Length: 190mm – Nominal width: 56mm -Gross: 0.062mm -Cylindrical -Without flavor -With a deposit -Testing Electronically


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