Intimichic Pelvis Health II


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Intimichic – Pelvis Health II

Intimichic Pelvic Health II, are Kegel balls that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in a specific way that is achieved through the training of the muscles found in the vagina, urethra and rectum.

Intimichic Pelvis Health Increases the stimulation of blood flow, a factor that tones the internal muscles.

How is it used?:

It only takes 15-20 min a day and in a time of 1 to 4 months, as long as you train on a daily basis.

It is necessary to start the treatment with the size 1 ball. Intimichic Pelvis Health is kept in place by contraction of the pelvic floor musculature or with a small effort. Try to keep it inserted for 15 min. You must stand or move during this time, never sitting or resting. By its own weight, Intimichic Pelvis Health will tend to descend and fall, this will generate a reflex of contraction of the pelvic floor muscles.

Keep this routine for the necessary days until you can retain this weight with total comfort. Follow the treatment by introducing Pelvis Health II progressively with size 2 and 3. Repeat the routine until you can comfortably stand.

Warning: It should not exceed the daily therapy time (15 min), it can cause muscle fatigue. The treatment is completely natural and is not accompanied by any drug.

Main Characteristics:

  • Easy Clean
  • Medical silicone
  • Hypoallergenic and free phthalates
  • Ergonomic
  • Convenient extraction system using a tough silicone cord
  • In sizes 2-3 the union between both balls is flexible silicone to adapt to vaginal movement
  • Colour: Pink

It includes:

  • Intimichic Pelvis Health II Size 1: 34mm x 120mm Weight 60gr
  • Intimichic Pelvis Health II Size 2: 34 mm x 168 mm Weight 120gr
  • Intimichic Pelvis Health II Size 3: 35mm x 175mm Weight 115gr
  • Instructions for use in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.


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