Saninex Green Tea Delay 12 Pack Condoms


Saninex – Retardant Tea 12 Pack Condoms

The Tea Condoms delayed by Saninex stand out for its aroma extra lubrication flavored with long lasting effect. Its fluted design creates intense stimulation in it. Enjoy the power of 100% nature.

How to use:

Carefully open the package (without scissors or objects that can puncture your condom). When you have an erection, place the condom in the penis, unrolling little by little until the base of the penis, after use carefully remove and discard.


100% product electronically tested.

Striated and transparent surface.

High lubrication and flavor power.

52 mm width.

Processed and manufactured with one of the highest technologies to achieve a high standard of quality and a unique design that make these products one of the most coveted in its range of adult erotic products.

It contains 12 units.

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